Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS triumphs in anthological introspection, delivering an ode to the '90s pop-rock scene, teen heartbreak laces with profound existential awareness. Earning universal acclaim from Metacritic and an elusive 8.0 score by Pitchfork, angsty guitar riffs electrify matured vocals, evoking empathy between headphones. If Rodrigo's chosen palette is purple, SOUR is a downy lavender; GUTS is a kinetic violet.

- Isabelle Durbin

"New York, populated with humans of every archetype, houses the loneliest. Most, unspokenly bonded, fail to offer a smile in passing. The native is well-acquainted with flickers of eye contact, an initial, passing thought, and a return to the interior–as if the overexposure to others taught them to internalize everything."

Isabelle Durbin

Does ASMR – an autonomous sensory meridian response – elicit tingles? From gentle whispering to nail tapping, triggers vary by individual. Sometimes, not at all. I discovered literature investigating the connection between ASMR, neuroticism, and anxiety. A study revealed individuals with elevated stress experienced decreased heart rate from ASMR stimuli, suggesting therapeutic benefits to the sensation.

- Isabelle Durbin