POV: You want to learn more about Isabelle.

Why is Isabelle's home page dedicated to questions?

Isabelle places herself in her audience's shoes, answering questions before they're asked. As you read, you'll learn essential information about her work, character, and creative approach—and acquaint yourself with her distinct voice.

What is a project Isabelle is most proud of?

Isabelle currently freelances for lemontank, where she champions ideas to amplify recording artists. She strategizes album rollout campaigns, fan engagement strategies, and organic social media content to expand digital footprints and hone artistic identities.

How does Isabelle approach challenges in her creative process?

Brainstorming with fellow creatives stimulates her perspective and produces collaborative strategies. By breaking down nuanced problems into manageable tasks and remaining open to other ideas, she's overcome obstacles and delivered innovative solutions. Challenges are innate to creative projects—writer's block, tight deadlines, and shifting priorities can arise. She's learned to approach challenges with adaptability and resilience, making efforts to communicate effectively.

What is Isabelle seeking in her next endeavor?

Isabelle strives for stability, creative autonomy, and human connection. She balances independence with collaboration, supporting her colleagues and accepting support in return. Isabelle hopes to learn, grow, and evolve as a creative.